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Westley Richards

Pre-Owned Shotguns, Rifles, & Emphemra

Westley Richards Pair 12g Hand Detachable Lock Side by Sides

Serial Number 15xxx/15xxx



Westley Richards Pair of 12g Best Quality Hammerless Ejector Guns with Patent Hand Detachable Lock Actions.

Patent Hand Detachable lock actions with removable cover plates, scroll back actions, two triggers and disk set strikers. Westley Richards patent Model “C” Doll’s Head rib extension and snap lever work, automatic “beetle back” safeties, and Westley Richards patent ejectors.

Engraved in an early form of our traditional house scroll engraving with the maker’s name in banners on each side of the action and a scallop shell and circle pattern; a style still used today by our firm. This along with game scenes of a hare (no. 1) and a rabbit (no. 2) on the trigger guards. Inlayed in gold is “SAFE” as are the traditional “1” and “2” on their respective gun’s top rib, top lever, and forend latch.

The original straight hand grip stocks remain with a 14 ¼” LOP over engraved heal and toe plates and the original splinter forends have a Deeley forend latches and horn forend tips.

This pair of guns still retain their 29" Whitworth Fluid Steel barrels with early type Westley Richards Swamped Game Rib; barrels are in original proof w/ 2 1/2" chambers and choked 1/2 in both barrels of the No. 1 gun and Cylinder and 1/2 choke in No. 2 set of barrels and retain good wall thickness.

Overall, this is a very nice pair of guns completed in 1899, only two years after the landmark patent for the Hand Detachable or Droplock action and they remain in their original configuration and in original proof. The guns have had a light refinish of the stocks and what appears to be an old, but well done, re-black to the barrels. There are faint traces of case colors in the protected areas of the receiver and on the water table, the engraving is still very crisp, gold ovals polished out. The case is most likely original, but relined in the early 2000’s. The barrels are tight on face and the ejectors are timed and strong. The bores are bright and pit free nor do they show any evidence of dents or bulges. The bores measure just at .734”/.735” with min wall thickness at .024” for both sets. A very clean and serviceable pair of classic Westley Richards Droplocks. We don't see guns from this era, much less a true pair, in this kind of condition very often.


Location US
Make Westley Richards
Calibre/Gauge 12g
Action Droplock
Triggers 2
Ejectors Yes
Barrel Length 29"
Rib Sunken
Chamber 2 1/2"
Choke Right 1/2
Choke Left 1/2
Stock Straight
LOP 14 1/4"
Weight 10Ibs 8oz
Case Maker's Leather